Two-Cent Pieces

Common, scarce and rare two-cent pieces (U.S. coins, 1864-1873) for collectors and investors. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us. Thank you!

Two-Cent Piece

The Act of April 22, 1864, which changed the weight and composition of the cent, included a provision for a bronze two-cent piece. The weight was specified as 96 grains, the alloy being the same as for the cent. The two-cent piece is one of the shortest-lived issues of United States coinage. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST appeared for the first time on the new coin, with the personal support of Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase. There are two varieties for the first year of issue, 1864: the Small Motto, which is scarce, and the Large Motto. On the obverse, the D in GOD is narrow on the Large Motto. The stem to the leaf shows plainly on the Small Motto variety. There is no stem on the Large Motto. The first T in TRUST is very close to the ribbon crease at left on the Small Motto variety; there is a 1 mm gap on the Large Motto variety.

For more information about this coin, see Two-cent piece (United States) at Wikipedia.

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Reference: A Guide Book of United States Coins (2017), by R. S. Yeoman.

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The Two Cent Piece and Varieties

If you collect two-cent pieces, we highly recommend this book for your personal library: The Two Cent Piece and Varieties (1977), by Myron M. Kliman.

1983 reprint from the original version which was published in 1977. This is a two-cent piece and variations coin collecting book by Myron Kliman. It includes a year by year detailed analysis of U. S. two-cent coinage, die varieties, values, mintages, proof coinage, and some illustrations. This book has great information that is pertinent to the study of the two-cent piece coin series. Book Size: 9" H x 6" W - 72 Pages

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