Large Cents


1800 Draped Bust Large Cent

Draped Bust Large Cent

Cents and half cents were the first coins struck for circulation by the United States Mint. Coinage began in 1793 with laws specifying that the cent should weigh exactly twice as much as the half cent. Large cents were coined every year from 1793 to 1857 with the exception of 1815, when a lack of copper prevented production. All were coined at the Philadelphia Mint. Mintage records in some cases may be inaccurate, as many of the early pieces were struck later than the dates shown on the coins. Numerous die varieties may be found because each of the early dies was individually made. Proof large cents were first made in 1817; all Proofs are rare, as they were not made available to the general public before the mid-1850s.

For more information about this coin, see Large cent (United States coin) at Wikipedia.

If you collect large cents, we highly recommend this book for your personal library: A Guide Book of Half Cents and Large Cents, by Q. David Bowers.

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