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Draped Bust Half Cent

The half cent is the lowest face value coin struck by the United States. All half cents are scarce, and this series is beginning to enjoy the popularity of large cents and certain other early series. Prices for the common dates and varieties have remained at reasonable levels for many years.

This denomination was authorized on April 2, 1792. Originally the weight was to have been 132 grains, but this was changed to 104 grains by the Act of January 14, 1793, before coinage commenced. The weight was again changed to 84 grains, on January 26, 1796, by presidential proclamation in conformity with the Act of March 3, 1795. Coinage was discontinued by the Act of February 21, 1857. All were coined at the Philadelphia Mint.

There were various intermissions in coinage. During the period from 1836 through 1848, coinage consisted entirely of Proofs and in very small quantities, causing a very noticeable lapse in the series for most collectors. While 1796 is the most valuable date, the original and restrike Proofs of 1831, 1836, 1840 through 1848, and 1852, along with other rare varieties, are all difficult to obtain.

For more information about this coin, see Half cent (United States coin) at Wikipedia.

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Half Cents at Amazon.com
Half Cents at Amazon.com