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About mint marks

“Mint marks (often spelled mintmarks) were first developed to locate a problem. If a coin was underweight, or overweight, the mint mark would immediately tell where the coin was minted, and the problem could be located and fixed. Another problem which could occur would be a dishonest mint official debasing the coin, or putting less precious metal in the coin than specified. The first mint marks, called Magistrate Marks were developed by the Greeks, and named the Magistrate in charge of producing that coin. Debasing a coin, or otherwise tampering with it, was a very serious crime, often punishable by death in many civilizations. For example, in 1649, the directors of the Spanish colonial American Mint at Potosi, in what is today Bolivia, were condemned to death for seriously debasing the coinage. The initials of the assayer as well as the mint mark were immediate identifiers when the coins were inspected.” — Mint mark at Wikipedia® Mobile

Site description

High-grade, common, scarce and rare U.S., world, ancient and Medieval coins, and U.S. and world paper currencies for collectors, investors, and others who appreciate the fine works of sculptural-engravers (i.e., artists). Books, music, comics (e.g., comic books), mechanical coin banks, toy robots, toy soldiers, chess and video games, drones and other products are also offered. Tom Flowers is the founder, proprietor, and senior numismatist of and Member No. R-1179011 of the American Numismatic Association (ANA).


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